Jobs at LEO Studio

CG Supervisor: Full Time

LEO Production


Posted: 24 Aug 2022

LEO Production Studio is creative production and animation studio based in Istanbul – Turkey. Our team are working on great feature-movie quality production in 8K and VR far from the limits of any game engine. With tons of great domestic and abroad projects, pushing all the team skills to it’s wonderful limits to achieve the highest yet the most creative quality on the market.

Key Qualifications

  •  High-poly sculpt in Zbrush;
  •  Modeling in Max / Maya;
  •  Good UV unwrap and optimal UV packing;
  •  Texturing in the Substance Painter;
  •  Tiles and trims creation, working with multiple UV channels, Vertex paint;
  •  Good understanding of modern pipelines and requirements for creating photoreal environments     and hardsurface;
  •  Ability to follow and correctly interpret / improve the concept idea;
  •  Teamwork skills.


  •  Create high-poly models (with no limits!) of the photoreal environment and hardsurface for a great movie quality, on given concepts/references according to guideline;
  •  Create optimal UV mapping and texture baking (normal, AO, etc.);
  •  Make photorealistic texturing;
  •  Work with 3DSMax natively is a plus.